Try our various menus that will bring joy to your event!

Our main menus are listed below, but we also have the possibility to create a customized menu per your order!

Bowls Menu

Vine Leaves Harrasabou
Kebbeh Fatteh Falafel Fatteh
Rice Fatteh Beans Bowl

Snacks Menu

Kebbeh Yalanji (vine leaves)
Falafel Crispy Culiflower
Hummus Mutabbal
Musakhan Rolls Spring Rolls
Mini Grilled Potatoe (with herbs) Muhammara

Sandwiches Menu

Grilled Veggies Veggie Susages
Mushroom BBQ Falafel
Crispy Culiflower Special Potatoe

Salads Menu

Tabbouleh Fattoush
Beet Salad Oriental Salad
Olive Salad Walnut Salad

Soups Menu

Lentile Soup Vegetables Soup

Sweets Menu

Baklava Heriseh
Chocolate & Dates Balls Stuffed Dates (with walnuts)

More details on dishes and prices? Get in touch with us now and we'll be happy to help!